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                                                  YESTERDAY  &   TODAY

Don Airey   Munich 2001
then with Company Of Snakes -
now he's in Deep Purple...

The Alarm   London 1989
I remember he was in this band
but I can't remember his name...

The Almighty  Munich 2000
not much hair left from the Eighties
but still rockin' after all these years

Styx    Munich 2001
Glen Burtnik, instead of going solo, he's 
with the band and officially prefers Jägermeister....

Bonfire   Munich 2001
sightseeing at a beer brewery
 and getting not pissed....

Uriah Heep     Hopfgarten Tirol 1985
Mick Box testing some bread

Kingdom Come  Munich 1995
nothing has changed since...


John Corabi   Munich 1998
nice sausgage...

Ian Gillan  Munich 2000
just before going
 to Octoberfest

Rob Halford  Munich 2001
 still solo

Dan Reed Network   London 1989
 when the hair was still long...


JBO      Munich  2000
taking the s... out of Rock'n'Roll

Henry Rollins    Munich 2001
intellectual conversation

Jean Beauviour     Munich 2002
he look cool and sophisticated, doesn't he?!


Jack Russel     Munich 2001
just before quiting Great White

Joshua Kadison  Munich 2000
what a nice boy!

Slaughter     London 1991
Dana Strum beeing serious

Uriah Heep     Munich 2001
age doesn't save you from Rock'n'Roll


Saga   Munich 2000
The Crichton Brothers beeing tired
after show...

Simple Minds  Munich 2000
Prost at the Octoberfest

Mike Terrana    Munich 2002
   ...what did ya' say?

Suicidal Tendences  London  1990
Clash Of The Titans -
 a long time ago