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Yesterday & Today

Def Leppard  Munich 2002
Joe Elliot not in a good mood

Kansas   Munich 2001
no Kerry Livgren anymore but still going

Savatage  Munich 2001
how tasty

Carlos Santana   Munich 2000
glory times......

Deep Purple  Munich 2000
at the Octoberfest....

David Coverdale Munich 1997
no Whitesnake anymore

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Munich 1999
the corner in my heart is still reserved 
for you Johnny...(left)

Hanoii Rocks   London  1990
when Glamrock was at it's peak

Kreator      London 1991
Mille at a Glamrock Gig - backstage
 at the Marquee.....

Pete Townsend  London 1991
donating his guitar at the
British Music Awards....

Helix         London 1989
out of Canada conquering
 the rest of the world

Aerosmith    London 1990
at the MTV Studio - 
thanx Vanessa for letting me meet them

Overkill  Munich 2001
Bobby, thanx for all these e-mails

Asia    Munich 2001
Geoff Downes keeping his 
dressingroom clear

Lawrence Gowan  Munich 2000
You can call me Larry....

Molly Hatchet  Munich 1999
What about your newest diet?

John Paul Jones    Munich  2002
Never ever Led Zeppelin again, or...?

Tony Levin     Munich 2002
I'm only Tony, he said.......
But he's probably the best 
bassplayer      in the world

 Peter Gabriel   Munich 2002
           10 Years can make a change, 
  Jesus wept!
      What was the next question please?

Uriah Heep       Tirol Austria  1984
Jim (in the back) I never forget this night out

Saxon      Munich 2000
 they love Hip Hop.....

Mickey Finn T-Rex    Munich 2001
the last remaining member 
just died last satureday, jan. 11th 2003