Some Memoryshots of me and .....

with Slayer Munich 1986
Tom and me both aged only 25

with Slayer Munich 1996
10 years later
and I met you many more times so far

with UFO Stuttgart 1985
with Paul Raymond & Atomic Tommy
on tour with Twisted Sister

with Ian Crichton of Saga backstage at the Kongresshaus in Innsbruck /Austria 1986


with Malice (&Susanne) backstage at the old Alabamahalle in Munich 1986

with Lemmy in London 1988
at Gossips Club in Soho celebrating
 my 26th Birthday that very night

with Helloween in London 1990
having their Releaseparty at the Marquee

with Snake Sabu of Skid Row
London 1990 at the Afttershow Party


with Jeff Beck at the Marquee in London
Christmas 1988
He was a special guest of the Bad News

with Philty Taylor backstage at
 Hammersmith Odeon in London 1988

Motörheads Backstage Party

with Geoff Thorpe of Vicious Rumors at Atlantic Records Office in London 1989
he used to look good

with Bootsy Collins at the Steigenberger
Hotel in Munich 1997
the craziest guy in the biz.


with Joey Ramone at the Old Airport in Munich 1997
oh Joey, hope you are in heaven and
not in hell now

with Marty Stuart at the Country Bash in Frankfurt 1998

with Steve Lukather of Toto  backstage
of the old airport Munich 1997
it wasn't his best time

with Bobby Kimball & Steve Lukather of Toto at the Mariott Hotel in Munich 2002
full of new energy


with Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd in Munich 1997
oh yes, I did like him a lot

with Gary Rossington & Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd in Munich 1997
...and you boys, but not the band....

with Tito from Tito & Tarantula at the Sternenzelt-Festival in Bad Reichenhall / Germany 1998

with Kirk Hamett of Metallica at the
 hotel Raphael in Munich 1999
the long hair suits you better


with Alice Cooper at the Mariott Hotel in Munich 2000
Sina did get most of his attention

with Steve Howe backstage at the Metropolis Club in Munich 2000
a little too serious

with Jeff Healey at the Steigenberger Hotel in Munich 2000

with Rodger Hodgson (Ex-Supertramp) at Sony Music Office in Munich 2000


Davy Vain London 1990

Trouble London 1989
partying at the Marquee

Jeff Porcaro London 1990
spending quite a few evenings with him at the hotelbar at the Mayfair Interconti

with the
Moody Blues London 1991

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