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                                               YESTERDAY  &   TODAY

 with Dr. Feelgood   Munich 2002
   on stage dynamite, but he's a quiet chap

Santana     Munich 2002
  talking about war & peace

Niko McBrain   London 1988
cheese for a good party in Hammersmith      


Lemmy   London 1988
down at the St.Moritz

Al Di Meola  Munich  2002
1 penny for your thought 

Jerry Ewing   London 1989
Metal Forces was then, not it's Classic Rock

Neil Murrey  Paderborn 1985
  a little different then


Mark Day & one chap of the "Last of The Teenage Idols"          London 1988 
at Gossips Club  in Deanstreet

Sweet       Munich 2002
One of the guys is still recognizable.- Ain't he?

Wurzel & Phil (Motörhead) London 1988
backstage at Hammersmith beeing really pissed


J.J. +  somewhere in Germany  1985
he is missing, he really is....

Stevie Simpson   London 1987
playing with Roger Chapman, Papa George and the S.Simpson Band

Lemmy    London 1989
On my 27th birthday down at the St.Moritz

Baastian   Munich 2001
not in a dutch teenieband anymore. 
"Caught In the Act".


Raging Slab   Munich 2002
they diggin' Southern Rock

Paul Grey *     Stuttgart 1986
he used to be in the Damned
was then in UFO for a short while

Quireboys   Munich 2001
Spike, still looking somehow the same,
eh, - old mate.....!!!

Blacky Lawless  Donnington 1990
Wasp was at rest that time...
 but at least he was there.....


Wurzel     London 1989
where ever the hell that was...

Fee Waybill (The Tubes)     Munich 2002
one of the best performers ever.....

Leslie West    Wörgl/Austria 2003
Mountain is still going

Ty Longley (Great White) +  Munich 2001
we miss ya' mate