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                                               YESTERDAY  &   TODAY

Adrian Belew (King Crimson)  Cologne 2003
Hey, I wanna meet ya again for sure....

Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols)  1989
I never forget you because.......

Sir Cliff Richard     Munich 1993
He's a very good boy

Circle Of Soul       Munich  1996
what the hell they think they are doing?


Gary Moore & Band          Munich 2002
officially having a great time.....

Cold Sweat        London 1989
Marc Ferrrari (Ex-Keel) on the very left
and his inbetweenies.....

Dave Lombardo (Slayer)         Munich 1986
it was Daves Birthday that very day - 
good party it was..


Corosion Of Conformity Munich 1999
concentration 5 min. before stagetime

King's X   London 1988
just getting a name in Europe

Midge Ure (Ex-Ultravox) Munich 2001
remembering the past

Philty Taylor  London 1988
originally in Motörhead....
I wonder where he's now???


Jeff Paris  Munich 1996
he's more a songwriter than a star...

Kathmandu     London 1990
Fast Eddy Clarke is on the pics as well (left in the back
in front of him Dave Clark, who used to be with him in
Fastway. And the second on the right is Mandy Meier
who's in Gotthard right now.....
wauw... what a memory shot !!!!

Megadeth    London 1990
Clash of The Titans at Wembley


Fischer Z      Munich 2002
He is Fischer Z, ain't he?!

Jeanette     Munich 2002
she's a real girlie

Icon      London 1988
I think they got together again now...

Geoff Whitehorn  
 on Bodensee 1987
in how many bands has he actually been?

Kirk Hammet   Metallica      Munich 1991
He used to look like an angel....

Spiritual Beggars      Munich 1999
double vision - cheers

Skid Row     London 1990
when the world was still alright for
Skid Row....


Aynsley Lister     Munich 2002
he's improving....

Zodiac Mindwarp  London 1989
at their High Times

Quireboys    Onnington 1990
still a real boyband

Savatage       Munich 2001
going for a thai meal.....


Bruce Kulick        Munich 1995
Kiss is past, but what's the future?

Electric Boys    London 1989
first success in England

Biohazard        Munich 2002
making a lot of noise

Billy Copham         Munich 2002
what a hell of a drummer.....