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                                                    YESTERDAY  &   TODAY

Jeff Healey  Munich 2001
  blind but still seeing a lot

Albert Collins  + London 1990
now in heaven but still musically there

Chris Norman      Munich 1999
remembering Smokey

Iron Maiden & Uriah Heep   London 1989
Niko,Lee & Dave


Canned Heat & i   Munich 2001
A legend from the past to the present

Celtic Frost   London 1990
Swiss Export doing promotion

Trouble & Metallica  London 1991
  backstage at the Red Hot Chilly Pepper Gig


 Kansas  Munich 2001
still happy

John Lennon +      New York 1980
you will always live in your music

Marty Stuart      Frankfurt 1996
bringin' country music to Germany

Randy Castillo +   London 1991
miss ya,-  you were great


Sodom    London 1989
backstage at the Green Room at the Marquee

Status Quo & i   Munich 2001
concerned about my doggy

Ian Dury  +     London 1989
Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'Roll - now in Heaven


Bruce Dickinson     London 1988
     Aftershow Party - hicks!

Hape Kerkeling     Munich 2000
not that comedian like on TV

Ratt   London 1989
Warren De Martini - better times

The Damned    Munich 2000
Captain Sensible - back with his old mates


MGM      Salzburg  1986
   Bernie Marsden, Mel http://www.musicmirror.net/Galley, ? Neil Murrey
   A One-Time Project & only one Band pics existing

Brit.Music Fair    London 1989
Wurzel  Les Marshall & Geoffrey Whitehorn
checking new guitar techniques


Kirk Hamett   Munich 1999
    looking a bit strange

Sasha     Munich 2000
what a sunnyboy!

Vicious Rumors     Munich 1997
Hey Geoff, You haven't rang me
for a long time...

Tito & Tarantula  Bad Reichenhall   2000
still beeing popular because of
"From Dusk 'Till Dawn