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Yesterday & Today

Bryan Adams Innsbruck 1985
just a few moments.....

Lemmy & Yngwie  London 1989
private party at the hotelroom

Ahmet & Dweezil Zappa London 1990
when  daddy was already very sick...

Jeff Beck London 1989
   X-Mas bash with "The Bad News"
   at the Marquee Club


Chris Rea London 1990
The Best Party I've ever been to...
thank you....

Jeff Porcaro +    London 1990
thanx for all these evenings at
the hotelbar at the Mayfair Interconti..... 
I miss ya'....

Lou Gramm London 1988
my very first interview in

David Hasselhoff  London 1989
at the top of his carriere
Your wife was nice too.....
Thanx for a nice evening

Iron Maiden Pete Cash & Roger Daltrey 
London 1989
....that's Rock'n'Roll

Mick Ronson +  & Ian Hunter London 1990 -
thanx Mick for taking me out for dinner -
make it better up there in heaven

Spirit  -  London 1988
+ Randy California + - on the very left
 (died a few years later on Hawaii)
..will always remember ya'......

Bobby Kimball  (Toto)     Munich 1996
my Couch is his Kingdom

Stu Hamm & Joe Satriani   London 1990
Cheers and one more beer please....

Michael Schenker & Family  Munich 2001
Image Change, but still the same......

Jack Bruce  Munich 2001
We all get older, don't we?.......

Russ Ballard  London 1996
thanx for beeing my friend for so

Lemmy (Motorhead)
Kufstein Austria 1986
I didn't get to see more of him