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Yesterday & Today

Slipknot   Munich   2002
family picture - please smile!

Yngwie Malmsteen       Munich 2001
Bloody Hell.....

Skid Row,  Brian Connolly  + (Sweet)
 &  Vain
  London 1989
Teenage Rampage isl past tense, Brian as well......

Pete Way UFO   Munich 2001
..out of this world

Megadeth  London 1990
Dave in a rare very good mood

Nils Lofgren Out in the Green
Paderborn 1987
beeing bored

Joey Ramone + Munich 1997
Hope you went to heaven and
not to hell.....

Annihilator  London 1989
Orgy   at the Marquee

Golden Earring  Austria 1982
my very first interview!!!!

Jethro Tull   Imst,  Austria 1988
They still look the same....

Steve Vai    Munich 2001
freezing over here in Europe

Billy Sheehan    Munich 2001
thanx for keeping in touch

Steve Howe  Munich 2000
looking grumpy

Rod Stewart  London 1990
Roddy no sexy eyeglimpse

Gotthard    Munich 2001
Trio Infernal   GrŁazi miteinand....

UFO    Kufstein Austria  1986
the - No Michael Schenker Line-Up

Georgia Satellites   Munich 1987
That's life.....

Chat Kroeger  (Nickelback)
Munich 2001
at the beginning of his success

Henry Rollins Munich 2001
rent a mouth

Bobby (Overkill) Muncih 1999
well off again

Jeff Porcaro (Toto) Munich 1991 
still alive