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Yesterday & Today

Thunder   London 1991
just before playing Castle Donnington

Rush & Mr.Big    London 1990
let's party at Hammersmith Odeon

Nickleback     Munich  2001
just getting noticed in Germany

John Sykes   Munich  2000
You let me break my principles

Moody Blues  London 1991
You have always been one of
my faves

Ronnie James Dio   Munich 1999
and his biggest fan - my dog Sina

Roger Hodgson  Munich 2000
Supertramp is past, where is the

Steve Harris & Seb.Bach  London 1988
Another Rock'n'Roll Party...

Bill Wymann    Munich 1999
The Rolling Stones are Past, but who the hell
is that with him?......

Van Halen  Nuremberg  Monsters Of Rock 1984
when Van Halen was still Van Halen.....

Cheap Trick  Munich 2001
1st time in Europe for ages

Cheap Trick  Munich 2001
this smile would suit for a
toothpaste advert....

Uriah Heep  Munich 2001
still alive, still going, still partying...

Survivor  Munich 2001
where is the next beer......

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Munich 1997
Johnny, you still got a little corner
in my heart.....

Lynyrd Skynyrd Munich 1997
ain't they nice?

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Munich 1997
Mr. Macho Man

Lynyrd Skynyrd  Munich 1997
These were better days for
Leon Wilkinson + -  on the right (died in 2002)

Albert Lee & Hogans Heroes        Munich 2003
every year again and again at the Rattlesnake Saloon 

the rest of Saxon    Munich  2003
        nice boys