all Pics. by ebl/musicmirror

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) Cologne 1986
..at least he got his mouth shut

Joe Lynn Turner London 1989
we're had a late night out then

Barbara Schenker  London 1988
with her boyfriend Howard

Johnny Ramone + London 1991
He died in 2003


Helloween in London at the Marquee 1991
when Ingo Schwichtenberg was still alive....

Snake (Skid Row) & Lemmy London 1989
let's have a party

Michael Monroe on a solotrip London 1988
... but Andy McCoy was & still is always with him.....


Memoryshot  Saga, Saxon, Uriah Heep & others Munich 1995
They all played on this certain festival....


Roger Waters London 1991
receiving an award at the Brits Music Awards

Russ Ballard Munich 1997
He's still one of my favorite musicians

Dave Mustaine  London 1987
just hitting the top with Megadeth

Ripper Owens  Munich 1998
Judas Priest was his occupation then...


Samson  London 1988
Paul Samson (left) has died somewhere in the nineties

Dirty White Boys London 1990
Earl Slick & David Glenn Eisley

Duran Duran London 1991
not in the real classic line up


GringosLocos London 1988
finnish Bluesrock at the Marquee

Jeff Beck  London 1990
looking quite cheerful

Queensryche London 1989
Chris DeGarmo & Geoff Tate - when
they were still friends

Trouble London 1990
their first time in Europe


Burning Tree London 1988
a one day fly - as we call 'em in german

Tom G.Warrior of Celtic Frost London 1988
with his american wife

Sebastian Bach & Davy Vain  London 1990
playin' together - partying together....


Scorpions London 1991
Francis Buchholz &  Matthias Jabs
one ain't anymore in the band

Tom Araya of Slayer London 1989
the harder the music the softer the boys....

Testament  London 1988
the original Line-up then. (PS...and now again in 2005)



Fernando Garcia


Tommy Newton


Hermann Frank


Fargo Peter

they took me to Budapest then  -  just for one day and night. And all I can say, I've been at least once to Hungary in my life


Warrior Soul  London 1990
when Corey Klarke still had his beautiful long hair.
Although, later with the short hair I liked him better.....

Steve Vai  Castle Donnington 1991
at the Monsters of Rock Festival where he played with 
solorecord from Radio DJ Tommy Vance (died in 2005) - 
Far left you see Arlette Steve's manager, who she was also
  for D.L.Roth, The Black Crowes and Guns'n'Roses. I neve
r forget you Arlette !

The Yardbirds  Munich 2002
The Sixties have passed as you can see, when you look
at them.
But ..... they are still going......